What makes this sign stand both green and “green”?  Sure, plastic typically isn’t looked at as a green or eco-friendly product, so we set out to improve upon that with this green colored Signicade Deluxe.

First, plastic may not be a naturally occurring product, but it is recyclable and it lasts a very long time.  This sign stand could potentially outlast a dozen wood sign stands.  If properly taken care of, one of these stands could last for a hundred years.

Secondly, to further offset the use of plastic, we took a page from the Paul Newman playbook, and we’re donating a portion of the proceeds from this sign stand to a green initiative.  That’s right, 10% of the profit from the sales of this sign stand will be donated to “the Land Connection“.  They’re an organization that was started here in Central Illinois and their primary objective to help to aspire organic farmers.  They train farmers in resilient, restorative farming techniques; inform the public about the sources of our food and why that matters; and work to protect and enhance farmland.

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